The Fastest Review Alive: Kate Nash "Made of Bricks"

Welcome to 2008 B-Siders. As part of our continuing revamp, we present you with our newest feature: THE FASTEST REVIEW ALIVE. In the FRA, we will review an album, giving you as complete a snapshot as possible, in depth analysis and insight all in under 100 words. Let us know what you think. First up: the stateside debut from the UK songstress Kate Nash, "Made of Bricks".

FRA: Made of Bricks - Kate Nash

Eclectic, experimental pop music with a quirky and playful sensibility permeates this album which is grounded by Nash's distinctive vocals, a sort of hybrid of Regina Spektor and Lily Allen. Since the album's release in the UK, Nash has quickly risen from "critic's darling" to an authentic and genuine artist and rightfully so. Reggae infused riffs, brassy yet delicate phrasing, and no straight forward, nonsense lyrics make this a bonafide hit. Features the singles "Foundations" and "Dickhead". While Made of Bricks may just be hitting the states now, this album is universal.