RIAA targets Nine Inch Nails fans for downloading intentionally leaked material

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), notorious for its zealous campaign against "copyright infringement" which includes suing high school and college students, retirees, and file sharing websites for downloading and sharing music on the Internet, has targeted even more web sites such as Idolator that have posted leaked songs from the upcoming NINE INCH NAILS album, Year Zero. According to Launch Radio Networks, these tracks were leaked intentionally.

The band left several new songs from the "YZ" album on computer hard drives at venues on their current European tour. Fans found the "leaked" tracks and began posting them on the web for others to download and swap.

According to Billboard.com, the RIAA sent cease-and-desist emails to any web sites that posted the tracks, leading one industry source to say, "These f---ing idiots are going after a [publicity] campaign that the label signed off on." Though many songs have been leaked intentionally, the entirety of Year Zero has not. The album drops on April 17.

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ZenShadow said...

Two Links of mine that may prove interesting to your readers:

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MBD said...

Thanks zenshadow! These are interesting. The RIAA has also begun cracking down on tab sharing sites as well.

Check out the Online Guitar Archive for more info:


Kailey said...

NIN has released the WHOLE ENTIRE ALBUM on yearzero.nin.com


It's amazing.