Artist Spotlight: Sahara Hotnights

Greetings once again. Welcome to our latest feature, Artist Spotlight. Each month we will endeavor to bring a little attention a little known or breaking new artist. This month, Swedish Fem-Band "Sahara Hotnights"

From the Runaways to the Donnas, the garage has served as a safe haven for women who would rather be rock stars than groupies. Similar in tone and style to fellow Swedes The Hives and Division of Laura Lee, Sahara Hotnights' brash, smashmouth style thrives almost exclusively on heavy riffs, and seamlessly blends the essential elements of garage rock, power pop, punk and an even heavier attitude. Taking their name from an Australian racehorse, the ladies from Hotnights roll out the screeching '70s punk guitars for "Alright Alright (Here's My Fist, Where's the Fight?)," talk riot inducing trash on "Only the Fakes Survive," and rock a fierce and fiery Blondie tribute with "Keep Up the Speed." Their latest album, “What if Leaving is a Loving Thing” is out now on the Stand by Your Band label.
For fans of: Tegan and Sara, The Hives, Tilly and the Wall.

Hear it Now
Alright, Alright (Here's My Fist, Where's the Fight?)

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