Next President to be Featured in New Boxed Set

Whomever emerges victorious from the general presidential election in November gets a bonus prize (in addition to leading the free world). The life and times of either John McCain or Barack Obama will be featured as a supplemental track on the album Of Great and Mortal Men: 43 Songs for 43 Presidencies, as a digital download.

In the vein of Sufjan Stevens' state project, this three-disc boxed set, delivers exactly what it says on the label, featuring the tracks "Martin Van Buren: The Little Magician," and "John Adams: Armed With Only Wit and Vigor and the U.S. Navy" which should pair nicely with They Might Be Giants' "Tippecanoe and Tyler Too" and "James K. Polk".

Presidencies' auteurs have brought along additional artists to wax historical including Vince DiFiore (Cake), Alan Sparhawk (Low), and Mark Kozelek (Sun Kil Moon), but a host of others, but surprisingly not Stevens. The album's official release date is Sept. 9.

Have a sneak peek at the album's Monroe track and register to vote for the subject of track 44.

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