Previously on Lost makes beautiful music

People either love LOST or hate it. Scads of fans spend hours dissecting each frame. Or not. The point being that there's not a whole lot of middle ground regarding ABC's groundbreaking drama. And as with any cultural phenomenon, there is no lack of fan created material, most of which is subpar with scant few exceptions. Harry and the Potters for example. But a duo from Brooklyn has taken fanboy love to an unusual extreme. Adam Schatz and Jeff Curtin, who together make up a band called Previously on Lost, recently toured the West Coast with their own unique brand of homagery for the series. Namely, a song for every episode of season four, with what the band calls “recap-rock.”

Like Sufjan Steven's/Flaming Lips/Beck's incredibly nerdy child, each jangly and joyous track reviews a week’s episode, and though the lyrics are often tongue in cheek, “Ladies and gentlemen, we lost a few friends this week / And something has to be said / For these best lost friends of ours”, the gentlemen are clearly devotees.

Highlights of their album The Tale of Season 4 and the Oceanic 6, include "Wherever Sun Go", "Be My Constant", "Ballad of Sayid Jarrah" and our favorite "The Island Won't Let You Die." Consider this a must for all Lost fans as they look for something to tide them over until next February.

MP3: Previously on Lost - "Just Wink"
MP3: Previously on Lost - "Be My Constant"

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