China blocks iTunes over Tibet album

Apparently, the goodwill part of the goodwill games is in short supply as China has reportedly cut off access to iTunes. Apparently, Chinese officials received word that people were using Apple’s music service to download the The Art of Peace Foundation’s Songs for Tibet compilation, featuring tracks by Alanis Morissette, Sting, Moby and other artists.

According to the non profit foundation, album proceeds will support, “peace-related projects that are dear to the Dalai Lama” (read Free Tibet) and China doesn’t take to kindly to people trying to free anything, least of all their beloved Tibet.

Most upsetting for the powers that be was the announcement that over 40 athletes at the Olympic Games downloaded the compilation. Thus, the "Great Firewall of China" began restricting access to iTunes on Monday.

Some Chinese are upset with Apple’s involvement with the Free Tibet campaign, calling for an outright company boycott (iPhone included), and are seeking to prevent Sting, John Mayer, Dave Matthews, and nearly everyone else involved with the album from ever entering China.

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