Your 2008 NFL Playlist

Imagine if you will a movie devoid of a soundtrack. Or a child who has forgotten how to laugh. While certainly adequate without, we can agree that both these scenarios are missing something. They feel incomplete. And this is why music is so important. It serves to heighten emotion, add tension and/or suspense, or otherwise enhance an intimate moment. It's just not the same without it.

So clearly music an integral part of any gathering and nowhere is this more apparent than while attending or watching a sporting event. How else is a true believer to show his or her allegiance if not shrieking a familiar anthem at the top of his or her lungs? How is the other team to know we are the champions if we do not tell them through song? As the NFL season is upon us, it is essential to have a finely crafted playlist created for those trying and often thrilling times. Game on.

Your NFL Mini-Playlist

  1. "Renegade" - Styx
  2. "Blitzkrieg Bop" - The Ramones
  3. "Crazy Train" - Ozzy Osbourne
  4. "Hell's Bells" - AC/DC
  5. "Hammer to Fall" - Queen
  6. "Mama Said Knock You Out" - LL Cool J

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KBO said...

Awesome Super Bowl Shuffle pic.