Matchstick Women: Tegan and Sara complete "The Con"

Canadian sibling and rock duo Tegan & Sara recently completed recording their third album, The Con, set to drop July 24 via Vapor/Sanctuary Records. The Con is the follow-up to 2004's So Jealous.

Twin sisters Tegan and Sara Quin worked with Death Cab For Cutie guitarist Chris Walla to produce the new 14 track album. "They wanted something that was a little bit grittier," Walla told Billboard.com in January. Also sitting in on The Con is AFI bassist Hunter Burgan and the Rentals' Matt Sharp.

Tegan and Sara plan on a series of small club performances in July and August, plus an extensive, headlining, North American tour set for October.

The tracklisting for The Con :

  1. "I Was Married"
  2. "Relief Next to Me"
  3. "The Con"
  4. "Knife Going In"
  5. "Are You Ten Years Ago"
  6. "Back in Your Head"
  7. "Hop a Plane"
  8. "Soil, Soil"
  9. "Burn Your Life Down"
  10. "Nineteen"
  11. "Floorplan"
  12. "Like O, Like H"
  13. "Dark Come Soon"
  14. "Call It Off"

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