Say hello to Captain Howdy

On Saturday March 3, Local Saint Louis trio Captain Howdy played the Schlafly Tap room in honor of the release of their first studio album, Rocks. Opening bands Highway Heat and John Boy's Courage led the way for Captain.

The vocal levels were a bit overpowered by the guitar work at the night's outset, but evened out at the night progressed. And though the amp levels were a bit askew making it seem as though CH's sound was too big for the room, the boys were musically sound with forthright guitar work, precision rhythm, high energy, and an eagerness to blow the doors off venue.

Captain Howdy stormed their way through their newest release, and while it took a song or so to settle in, the gents from Captain Howdy eventually found their groove. For fans of guitar driven, no nonsense rock, Captain Howdy is one of Saint Louis' finest.

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