OK Go headed to studio

After a year and a half of a riotously popular video campaign, (including a Grammy award for best short for "Here it Goes Again") Ok Go is ready to head back to the studio.

The band has been riding the wave of notoriety since 2005 and the YouTube, backyard, dance, video smash, "A Million Ways" and is currently on tour supporting Snow Patrol. After the Snow Patrol dates, the band will open for The Fray starting June 11 and running through July 1.

After the tour, Kulash and Co. will take the summer off to finish writing their new album and will most likely head into a Swedish studio in the fall.

Though there will be considerable pressure for the follow up album, frontman Damien Kulash is certain that fans both old and new alike will remain loyal. Kulash is excited about what the future has in store for the band saying in a recent interview with Billboard, "We've certainly raised the bar, but we also are not going to judge the things we make in the future by the same terms that we judge what's going on (now)."

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