Of Bishops and Ninjas: The RZA's WU-Chess

It is extremely difficult to describe this phenomenon any better than it has already been done on the website proper.

"Designed for chess enthusiasts addicted to hip-hop music, WuChess.com is the place where your favorite music, movies and celebs will be all while you get your game on. WuChess members will get exclusive offers such as MP3s you can't get anywhere else, playing a surprise celebrity guest, access to one of a kind video clips and many more surprises. This is hardcore chess with half the stuffiness.

WuChess understands that it is important that today's youth develop life strategy skills, so to help their efforts a portion of WuChess revenue will be donated to the Hip Hop Chess Federation's scholarship fund.

Welcome to the next level."

For those who think that hip hop is about money, bitches, and bling, hopefully this will be an eye opener.

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