Trendsetters: Radiohead Holds Music Video Contest

At last someone is putting MySpace to good use as prog-rockers Radiohead host a unique contest which highlights just why democracy was invented.
It's one thing to let your fans remix your songs, it's quite another to let them direct an offical music video. This kind of risky venture is hardly a first for Radiohead, as evidenced with "In Rainbows" groundbreaking release format, but it takes serious guts to entrust fans with your art, allowing them to dictate its direction. This time quite literally.

This time, Britain's avante-garde art-rockers are clearly up for anything, putting the creation of their next music video in the public's hands. The final field has been narrowed to 13 candidates as the contest draws to a close, with the champion crowned on June 30.

The winner gets a $10,000 prize, with the video becoming a part of the official Radiohead catalogue. Head over to the band's MySpace to vote for your favorite.
/add'l info via Paste.com

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